KI Services is one of the fastest-growing company in the Home Car Detailing and Sofa Dry Cleaning Business. Here is an opportunity to become a part of this great Franchise Business.

KI Services Value Proposition: Investment: 50,000 to 1 lakh.

High Return on investment of Between Rs.800 to 1500 (Depending on Car size) and Rs.150/- Sofa Seat.
Investment is only for Tools Machine (Rubbing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, cleaning chemical and polish for starting).

(1) The franchise will receive daily 4-5 orders from starting if starting with two employees.

(2) On completing 100 Car cleaning service in month Rs.200 each order will be an incentive for a franchise.

(3) If Franchise will complete all given orders by company 50% of franchise employee salary will be paid by KI Services.

(4) Some daily use items will be purchased by the Franchise.

High level of company support on marketing, and customer service, etc.

About Franchise:

Franchising is a way for a business to expand beyond its original owners. The most common form of franchising is a business format franchise, where the franchisor contributes certain elements of the business and the franchisee contributes certain elements. The power of franchising is realized through the combination of the contributions from the two participants. Franchisees pay initial franchise fees and then ongoing royalties for access to the format the franchisor has developed and for ongoing enhancements to the system. The franchisor contribution will include the brand/trademark for the concept, the business system (commonly called the operating system), and initial and ongoing support as the franchisee builds his or her business.

The franchisee contribution involves the management skills to run the business day-to-day using the franchisor-provided brand and system, and capital to fund the opening and continued operations of the business. In addition, the franchisee brings a level of desire and interest in having the business success that is essential to franchising – and is something the franchisor can’t replicate on its own. The best thing about franchising as a product or service distribution mechanism is that it is one of those synergistic business relationships in which all of the parties have to benefit for any of them to achieve long term success. In most cases for the franchisee to succeed, the franchisor has to do a good job of providing service and equally for the franchisor to succeed, the franchisee must profit. There is no such thing as a successful franchisor that does not have successful franchisees.


To apply for Franchise, please share your documents:

1- Copy of Adhaar Card.

2- PAN Card.

3- Passport size photo.

4- One cancel cheque.

Send all copy of Document at:



To process the payment, please find the account details below:

1) Account Name- KI SERVICES

2) Account Number- 012763300001597

3) IFSC- YESB0000127

4) Bank Name- Indirapuram Branch

5) Bank: YES BANK

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